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    Dave Davidson, a veteran political photographer with a decade of experience capturing pivotal moments in election campaigns, is advocating for a new way to strengthen a candidate's message: Vote Swag with Metal Art.


    Having attended over 600 political meetings and amassed a collection of 800 photography galleries, Davidson has learned that one of the best ways to mobilize voters is to empower them to take ownership of the candidate's message. He believes that metal art pieces, such as premium elite yard signs and candidate amulets, can reinforce that ownership and strengthen a campaign's brand identity.


    Unlike traditional paper or plastic campaign souvenirs that often end up in the garbage pile, Davidson argues that metal art pieces are more likely to be treasured and kept as souvenirs. They can be used as Christmas ornaments or displayed in one's home or office, reminding the owner of their support for the candidate and cause.


    Davidson proposes that campaigns choose the metal art piece that best exemplifies their message and order them in bulk. These metal art pieces can be drop-shipped to key states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and a portion of the budget can be allocated to send them out weekly or monthly to interested parties.


    By providing supporters with a high-quality metal art piece that they are proud to display and keep, campaigns can reinforce appreciation for donors and volunteers, and solidify their interest in the candidate and cause. As Davidson puts it, the work of a campaign is never lost, but multiplied over election cycles, and these metal art pieces manufactured in Iowa at i80 Metal Art can help keep the momentum going.